Remote Windows Gateway

The webRDP HTML5 Gateway allows simple, fast and secure connections to remote Windows desktops through a browser

Remote Windows HTML5 Gateway

The webRDP HTML5 Gateway is software designed to connect remote end users with Windows desktops and Microsoft Terminal Servers using just a web browser. The product is considered a "gateway" because it translates the HTML5 code within the web browser to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol.



Simple, Fast, and Reliable  

Stoneware's primary focus is on making the webRDP HTML5 Gateway simple, fast and reliable.  Within minutes of downloading, the webRDP Gateway can be installed and running on your server, ready for work.  Stoneware is committed to creating the fastest HTML5 – RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) gateway in the market.  We are continually improving and optimizing the image rendering and canvas drawing aspects of the service.  Finally, we understand that the technology must be more than a good demo, it must work every time across a broad range of devices.

Universal Access  

The webRDP HTML5 Gateway provides users with universal access to remote Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers and remote desktops.  Without client plug-ins or application software, the webRDP Gateway delivers a remote Windows desktop experience to any device that has an HTML5 compliant browser.  Now your end users can access critical remote Windows applications from their laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, regardless of where they are.

Integrate into Custom Applications 

The webRDP HTML5 Gateway was designed so that web developers could easily integrate the gateway features into their own custom application or Internet service.  Using regular HTML or Javascript code, developers can invoke webRDP connections within their own applications therefore creating their own custom remote Windows solutions

Versatile URL Generator

The webRDP HTML5 Gateway supports a URL generator that can take remote Windows desktop connection parameters and encrypt them into an encode URL string.  This URL can be linked on a web page or embedded in an email so that when it is clicked it will automatically connect the user to the remote Windows session.  The URL Generator encrypts all URLs and supports the setting of time limits so that it can expire after a given number of hours.