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The Unified Cloud Platform

webNetwork allows you to access files, applications
and reports from any device.


Stoneware’s webNetwork simplifies your life by enabling you to create a Unified Cloud. A unified cloud delivers private data center, public cloud and local device resources through a common webDesktop.

Make End Users More Productive

With webNetwork you can simplify your user’s life by providing a common HTML5 webDesktop. This type of desktop virtualization, accessed through the Unified Cloud, delivers all files, applications and reports through a single user ID and password on any device.

Simplify IT

The Unified Cloud makes it easier for IT to deliver services. By employing effective workspace aggregation strategies, the IT team won’t have to stitch together a variety of point products (SSO, Portal, Remote File Access, Security, Remote Access, Reporting, Management) to create a cloud experience. webNetwork leverages your current investment in directory services and existing IT infrastructure.

Decrease Your Costs

webNetwork significantly reduces technology acquisition costs by enabling a BYOD initiative and extending the hardware refresh cycle. webNetwork eliminates the need to implement a costly VDI solution and reduces the need for expensive VPNs. In addition, single sign-on and self-service reduces end-user helpdesk calls.

What You Get

A Unified Cloud for your organization can open up a wide range of potential benefits. Many modern organizations are having to deal with an overload of files, apps, and services delivered through private and public clouds, as well as the ever increasing number of end-user devices that employees bring to work. In the end, it all equates to a lot of added stress for the IT department.

It is, however, possible to use a workspace aggregator to bring these diverse systems together and consistently and securely deliver the content and applications that your employees need. Our solution provides the following benefits.

Stoneware revolutionized the way we deliver IT services
— Greg Roth, Wheeler Machinery Co.
webNetwork is the face to OUR cloud
— Erik Heinrich, San Francisco Unified
Now students can access expensive engineering applications from anywhere!
— Doug Ressler, University of Utah