Deliver a Unified Workspace 

The Lenovo Unified Workspace provides your users with secure access to IT resources wherever they are, using whatever they have

Unified Workspace

The Unified Workspace is built using HTML5 technology and displays all your IT resources in one place.  The workspace is dynamic, adapting to the type of device so users receive a consistent experience.  Navigation includes touchable tiles, swipe and type to search. You can even personalize your workspace with MyTiles, wallpapers, Favorites, recent links and the webStore.  The workspace supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


webApp technology integrates IT applications and resources into the user’s workspace.  Administrators can incorporate public cloud applications, internally hosted web applications, and all types of published Windows applications into the HTML5 workspace.  In short, give your users access to all IT applications from a single, unified workspace.


webStorage technology is leveraged in webNetwork to integrate public, network, and local file storage into the Unified Workspace.  This powerful feature allows users to perform all standard file system operations such as copy/paste, delete, drag-drop, email and print without the need for VPN software.


webPass simplifies delivery of IT resources within the Unified Workspace by providing seamless authentication to applications, files and reports.  webNetwork’s single sign-on utilizes Lockbox technology which means that users can authenticate once to their workspace and then access all IT resources without needing to authenticate again.  Non-directory credentials will be stored securely in the Lockbox, while personal webPass allows single sign-on for non-IT resources, allowing users to access everything they need from one location.


The webRelay provides a secure entry point to the webNetwork system.  It provides SSL and isolates users in the DMZ, preventing unauthorized access to your datacenter.  Multiple relays ensure scalability and fault tolerence.  


webReports integrates critical business intelligence into the Unified Workspace. Administrators can easily create, build, secure, and distribute reports from any ODBC or JDBC database such as Microsoft’s SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SyBase, etc.  Based on their identity, users will securely access web reports and forms from their workspace.  webReports makes the integration of organizational data into the workspace both secure and simple.


webManage allows administrators to manage all aspects of the webNetwork Unified Workspace environment.  Adding users, configuring / customizing workspaces, and configuring IT applications resources can all be accomplished from a standard web browser.  Integration with network directory service such as Microsoft’s Active Directory means that daily management of the webNetwork system is a breeze.


webServices are a set of web tools that simplify many of the common management tasks associated with managing a cloud environment.  From the Unified Workspace, users can reset their passwords, remote control their desktop, manage personal account information, and much more.  In addition, administrators can leverage the User Registration, Password Self Service, and User ID Retrieval tools to lighten their workload and more effectively manage their webNetwork cloud environment.