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Support Options

Stoneware has several free and paid options available for technical support and consulting.
Please initiate a support request by going to our helpdesk portal.

Support Hours

  • LanSchool Support: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-6:30pm EST - Excludes weekends and holidays.
  • webRDP Support: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm EST - Excludes weekends and holidays.
  • webNetwork Support: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm EST - Excludes weekends and holidays.


  • Stoneware provides a free online Knowledge Base , 3rd-party applications single sign-on configuration , a FAQ and several forums with answers to many common questions.
  • Questions posted on the Forums that benefit many customers are more likely to be responded to. Questions that are specific to your installation may be redirected to normal support means.
  • There are no guaranteed response times for self-service support.

Email Support

  • Customers may initiate a support incident request by using our online Support Request or by emailing support(at)stone-ware.com. Check the FAQ page prior to submitting your support request. Please be sure to include your product version with your question.
  • Standard support rates apply.
  • Please provide your contact information and a detailed question when submitting a support incident.

Phone Support

  • For immediate assistance call to speak to a member of the Technical Support Staff at:
    webNetwork Support: 800-505-6865
    LanSchool Support: 877-394-0443
    webRDP Support: 877-394-0443
    International Support: 260-492-2357
  • Standard support rates apply to phone support.
  • During high volume periods we may ask you for your contact information and problem description so that a Support Technician may call you back.


  • The Stoneware Consulting team is available if you’d like dedicated assistance in upgrading or applying service packs.
  • Consulting is also available for single sign-on, forms, reporting, registration and custom application development. Please contact sales(at)stone-ware.com or call 888-473-9485 to learn more about consulting options and rates.

Incident Definition

  • An incident is defined as a question or an issue that focuses on one area of webNetwork which has prompted the need to contact support via email, phone or other means.
  • One incident may involve several interactions with Technical Support to resolve and may require multiple phone calls, emails and offline research.
  • A reasonable effort will be made to resolve the issue to the customer's satisfaction. In some cases a patch may need to be developed and a customer will need to apply this patch to fix the problem. The time it takes for this cannot be guaranteed and a workaround may be offered until a permanent fix can be found.
  • Defect/bug submission and enhancement requests will not be counted as chargeable incidents.
  • Simple support incidents requiring less than 15-minutes of our support staff's time will not be chargeable unless they are recurring on a frequent basis. If a question starts to run over the 15 minutes of free support then the Support Technician will inform the customer of their options to proceed with the incident.
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