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Simple, Reliable Classroom Management Software

Demonstrate, Monitor, Remove Distractions and Assess Student Progress on Macs, Chromebooks, Windows, Linux, Thin Clients, iOS and Android.

Classroom management and monitoring software

Technology can be either a powerful tool or insurmountable distraction in the classroom, depending on how it is employed. There are a lot of temptations for students who have a computer right in front of them – email, web browsing, messaging, and other activities can quickly draw their attention away from the lesson. With the right classroom software, though, you can maintain an effective learning environment and guide their learning process.

A high-quality classroom management software solution is a critical component of this process because teachers will use it every day. LanSchool was designed to provide software tools for teachers so they can promote interaction, engagement, and focus.

Here's why teachers and techs prefer LanSchool as their classroom management solution.

  • LanSchool is clean, simple and easy-to-use. Teachers love it.
  • It is reliable and uses significantly less network bandwidth than other solutions.
  • It is complete, no add-ons are required to block the Internet, Applications, Printing and USB drives.
  • It keeps working even when students try to disrupt it.
  • It costs less and is better supported than any other solution on the market.
  • It supports PCs, Macs, Linux and Thin Clients such as NComputing, Terminal Services and Citrix.
  • It includes a Tech Console to perform desktop management tasks such as inventory, remote control, software distribution, security and technology utilization reports.

Here’s what's new in LanSchool v7.8.

  • LanSchool Chromebook Student is available at the Chrome Web Store.
  • Students may be put into a timed Assessment Mode.
  • LanSchool 7.8 Teachers Assistant is now just one app for both iPhone and iPad.
  • LanSchool Network Tampering enhanced to only allow Student machines to associate with the school’s wireless network when available.
  • Improved multi-platform software update through the LanSchool Connection Service.
  • Limit Web support for Chrome on Mac.

Involve Your Students

LanSchool classroom monitoring software gives teachers the ability to use thumbnail views to track what their students are doing, blank their screens to get their attention, or even take control of their screens to resolve a specific problem. This solution is about more than eliminating distractions, though. It’s about encouraging students to take interest in the subject matter and engaging them with the lessons.

With LanSchool classroom management software, teachers can quickly and easily build groups with the classroom collaboration tools or work one-on-one with students who may be too shy to ask a question in front of others. It’s also easy to share something to every monitor, demonstrate important skills, or even take a quick vote to see how well everyone is assimilating the information. These are just a few of the many benefits of effective classroom collaboration tools, and LanSchool lets you implement the kind of teacher software you need to take control of your class and make a difference for your students.

A Measurable Difference

Do you know how well your students are performing on any given day? Can you say for sure whether or not the use of technology is making a positive difference? Real-time digital assessment is an important part of the process, and it’s built into our system. With LanSchool teacher software, you can quickly generate tests or votes so students don’t have to fear getting the answer wrong in front of others. Teachers can also determine whether or not they’re grasping the current concepts without having to wait for the next quiz.

A Secure Solution

When a teacher tells a student that they’re not allowed to visit certain websites or play certain games, and then reinforces this decision by restricting access with the classroom software, many students will view it as a challenge to get around it. LanSchool is designed to be tamper resistant though, making it extremely difficult for anyone to circumvent the security measures while still running reliably.

Complete Classroom Management

LanSchool classroom monitoring software is also very simple and easy to use, so your time can be spent on the lesson, not troubleshooting the management software. Contact us today for more information on this classroom solution or get the free LanSchool Trial Version to test the full product for 30 days first.

LanSchool is a lifesaver!
— Chris McWhertor, Grand Rapids Christian Elementary
I won't teach in a computer lab without LanSchool
— Dan Eliot, Yorba Linda High School
Helps students understand concepts and real-world skills
— Bill Cone, Northern Arizona University