Lenovo Unified Workspace Software

At Lenovo, we empower our customers' end users by providing solutions that enable both freedom and flexibility while maintaining control and security

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Enable Your Employees to Work the Way they Want

For organizations to stay competitive in the digital age, they will need to provide employees the freedom and flexibility to work the way they want.  Stoneware offers solutions that support these organizational goals, while maintaining both security and control. Read more.

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Solutions that Support the 21st Century Classroom

Stoneware offers K12 organizations solutions that help take the classroom through it's next evolution. With technology integrated into all aspects of teaching, and education extending beyond the classroom walls, Stoneware products help simplify your transition to the new digital age.    Read more.

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Higher Education

Solutions that Enable Your Students to Hit the Ground Running

Students want to be engaged, in touch and ready to learn when they arrive on campus.  To be successful, they can't be constrained by traditional lecture halls and computer labs.  Stoneware offers products to help universities and colleges deliver a 21st century learning experience. Read more.